Wayne Lambert’s own personal development!

Whilst developing your online business, you may not realise it, but there is a lot during that process that will develop you as a person. 

During my own journey as an entrepreneur and business coach, there have been a few times in which I have taken myself out of my comfort zone. I believe this is a practice that everybody should do regularly!

For myself, this was talking to a camera. Now prior to being an entrepreneur, I was a plumber for my local council. I had no experience whatsoever talking to a camera, holding meetings and doing 1 to 1 video chats, it was all new and daunting to me. 

Wayne Lambert leading a fellow entrepreneurs business meeting!
Video chatting creates a more personalised image, whilst Facebook profiles can be considered a great way to get to know somebody, being able to talk face to face regardless of distance is a lot more valuable to everyone. It instils a higher level of trust in who they’re talking to, especially for myself. If I’m looking to add valuable members to my team, I want to know who they are, what they’re like personally and what they can do. Sometimes a Facebook profile will not give you that information. 

My first experience jumping in front of a camera came following my success in my online business. I was asked if I could be interviewed 1 to 1 live on Facebook. With the whole of Facebook watching, I took the opportunity to grow myself by the reins and entered the interview full of energy!

Since then, I’ve found that my irrational fear of being in front of a camera has disappeared entirely! I now host regular business meetings with my team on a daily basis, I’ve accepted half a dozen requests from other entrepreneurs wanting to interview me and even took to doing a vlog whilst climbing up Mount Snowdon in Wales!

This new skill set has even lead me to giving some coaching to a fellow entrepreneurs team! So to all of you, entrepreneurs and business owners alike, take that first step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons. Sometimes in business it’s not the sales, advertising or platform dulling your potential, its you!

If you wish to get in contact with me, please find my Facebook here. I monitor it regularly so don’t hesitate to connect with me!

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