Standing ovation for my student Kathi Dobrinen! $13,500 in extra commissions!

This post is to congratulate my student, Kathi Dobrinen, on applying my teachings to her primary business organisation which made her a massive $13,500 this week!

Kathi joined my team last week after reaching out to me about her current online business progress. Within a week of being in my team, she became coachable and took in all I could teach her to then apply it to her own business.

Using the teachings, she generated a massive $13,500 in direct commissions, straight to her bank account! 

Wayne Lambert’s student makes $13,500 in her online business!

Nothing makes me happier than to see my students succeed! If you’re interested in joining my team and making your own $1,000 commissions, connect with me via Facebook here

Once again, well done Kathi!

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