$6,000 in 16 days, how does Wayne do it?

Since starting up my online business 16 days ago, I very soon realised it was the best thing I did. It’s changed my life and outlook on life entirely. 

16 days ago I had no money in the bank, I was panicking even thinking about Christmas’ fast approach! But now, that’s all changed. 

So, how did I make $6,000 in direct commissions in 16 days online from nothing? Make no mistake, a lot of hard work was involved, spending hours upon hours in front of a computer building my empire. 

Now? I manage a team of entrepreneurs who want to be in the same position as me, making massive $1,000 commissions and building their own teams. I aim to help each and every one of them become leaders, and teach them the right way to run their online business successfully. 

Wayne Lambert’s Facebook post $6,000 in 16 days!
On my Facebook, I aim to help anybody that wants to reach out to me, from any walk of life, any business. Giving my best advice to them every step of the way is my favourite thing about being an online business coach. 
If you want to learn more details about myself, how I made $6,000 so far in 16 days or want advice on the best way to upgrade your online business, please contact me via Facebook here

As I said it’s only been 16 days, I am well on my way to demolishing my target of $10,000 in my first month! Watch this space for more updates on my progress. 

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