The Importance of Goals

Everyday, people work towards personal goals that they have set themselves, whether that be a new car, reach 1,000 followers in Instagram or make a down payment on a new house for their family. Every single day, whether it’s working a 9-5 job, making a business online, we all should have our goals in mind every second of the day. What makes having a goal so important?

I’ve spoken to thousands upon thousands of individuals who have similar goals, become debt free, keep their family financially stable and be able to give their children a secure future. It’s the pressure of these goals that push us all to new lengths to make the dream become reality, without that pressure, it allows us to become sloppy, lazy in our workings instead of proactive as we should be. Here are a few things I do in order to keep my goals in sight:

Visualize your dreamWhere do you want to be next year? What financial situation? What do you want to be able to do for your family and friends? I practice this at least 3 times a day and then think “what do I have to do now that will put me on that path?”, make a plan and execute it. Nobody ever got to their dream in one leap, you have to take small steps every day and you’ll get there.


If your dream is an object, a sports car, a boat, anything physical, visit that dream object. I drove for an hour to the south of London to visit a sports super car showroom, just to walk around, sit in them and visualize that THAT is what my life is going to be like, I’m going to drive this car in a year. What’s the price tag of that object? How many sales do you need to make in order to buy it? 50 sales? 100 sales? 500 sales? Whatever the number is, that is your goal for that item, it breaks down the idea that the price is impossible for you to reach once you translate it into a different figure.

For example if you’re making $1,000 commissions like myself, and the car is a $80,000 BMW I8, that’s 80 sales. Mentally, your brain will see 80,000 and think “that’s a very big number, I’ll never reach that” whereas 80 is a lot smaller, it’s more achievable, and your mentality will improve. Always break down targets like that to relieve yourself feeling like you’re sinking, pick yourself back up and think “actually, I just have to sell 100 products and I can buy that Lamborghini“. Visit, visualize, break down and execute. 

Create a daily goal. Obviously we all have a long term goal as mentioned before, become debt free, buy a house etc. To get to that stage, we need to set ourselves short term, daily goals to fulfill in order to get in that dream position. My personal method is to write my goals for the day first thing in the morning on my office whiteboard using short and simple targets that I can cross off once I’ve completed it.

For Facebook marketing for example, these can be like the following:
Today I will make $2,000
Today I will add 70 more people to my page
Today I will introduce myself to 80 more people
Today I will add 5 more warm leads to an informative group chat
Today I will post to my page every hour of the day

These are very short, sweet and most importantly, achievable short term goals that can be completed day-to-day, and in the end will bring you closer to your long term goal a lot faster.

– Wayne Lambert

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