Online Business Mindset Training: to Sell or Help?

Your mindset is the most important tool an online businessman can have. Going into a sales environment with the wrong mindset and attitude can end in struggle and failure.
In this entry, I’m going to talk about the right mindset to have and how it can make you successful in your endeavors.

Mindset Training Scenario

A scenario I like to use for this is selling on Facebook to a lead, do you go in with the mindset that you’re going to sell to this individual, or that you’re going to connect with them? If you’re going straight in for the sale, STOP
This attitude is a bi-product of greed and will have a negative impact on your leads, killing 99% of them before they’ve even started. Talking to a potential customer with the only goal being a sale will reflect in the way you talk to the customer, they will pick up on this and instantly build a barrier between you and them.

Wayne Lambert Sea Article Mindset

A successful mindset

A successful mindset to have is thinking about how you can help this person. Who are they? What situation are they in? How can you offer a solution? Coming across as a friendly individual wishing to connect with them rather than sell to them will benefit your relationship with your demographic. It will build trust and mutual respect and this is key, you want the customer to come to you about your product.

Why do I use the Facebook scenario?

Leads generated through Facebook are more valuable to you than just individual customers purchasing your products, they have the ability to comment, like and share your posts. This is called social proof, each action on the individuals behalf on your Facebook page denotes a level of trust to any outsider. When you go to buy something that your friend already has, you trust what they have to say about the product don’t you? Same goes for Facebook salesmen. The general public trust those with a high concentration of friends and page interactions.

Think of it this way, they’re not buying the product, they’re buying YOU.

– Wayne Lambert

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