A peek into the ‘Make instant money online’ entrepreneur lifestyle

As an addition to my new blog, I’ve decided to post regular entries to give you an insight into my day-to-day life as an entrepreneur.

Within this I’ll be detailing what I’ve been doing and hopefully you may find some helpful tips for your own business!

So far this week, I’ve made a ton of progress in lots of different ways that have boosted my business instantly.

I opened up an Instagram account where I post daily photos of the places I’ve been, as well as motivational photos for any entrepreneur to gain inspiration from.

I enjoy having it as a way to interact with people, but with the tagging system that Instagram uses, it’s also a great way to generate leads for my business!

With this in mind, I’ve been posting progress pictures of my earnings within businesses to inspire and gain the interest of any other entrepreneur going through the same paces.

Wayne Lambert Instagram

I also decided to open up this blog, in the past I have worked on a few other blogs for programs such as MOBE and decided to put the past experience to good use.

It will serve as a good platform for advice and for people to connect with myself in an easier fashion, writing articles that would seem unnecessary for a Facebook audience but good for people wanting to know more.

This week I’ve made $2,000 and it’s only Tuesday!

I’ve been spending a lot of my time helping my team expand their pages and horizons, assisting them with their sales funnels and giving them general tips and motivation. I’ve set myself a target to hit $10,000 in commission before the month is over, 10 days to target due date with $4,000 in the bag so far, it’s time to get busy!

Personally I’ve still managed to find some time to go to the gym in between Zoom calls and generating leads. It’s hard to concentrate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle when the computer won’t stop pinging! I also got to spend another awesome weekend with my kids, Caleb and Leela, although I think I might have embarrassed them a little bit (see photo below).

Wayne Lambert Swimming

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog entry, I’m looking to do more of these in the future so I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my life!

– Wayne Lambert

If you wish to contact Wayne, please find a link to his personal Facebook page here.

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